Test of the Warlords (D&D Next)

Session 1
Landfall, Swearing Oaths, and Tourney day one...

Your party made its first steps towards a place among Norowld’s nobility arriving in the warren ridden seaside port of Landfall.

-While taking in the town Moira Val’Danel and the PCs were attacked by robbers who seemed to answer to a “Joff.” None of the assailants survived -Before leaving a daring heist was hatched to rob a brothel run by “Joff” of its earnings. With the doctor playing straight man and Valtteri posing as a sick patron, Albert whisked away the goods, leaving a clear message (in pen and ink) behind. -Rumors of plague begin spreading in Landfall, to the chagrin of many

In Kreis Nerath the lords of Norwold debated the finer points of land ownership

-Albert and Eliza agreed to work out a river taxation deal, permitting the ranger to keep hold of his rivermouth dominion of New Odessa. -Antogonizing Vortigurn, Valtteri offered to duel the war hero for control of The Maw. Incensed at his goading, the northern almost decked Vallteri then and there. Durig their joust Vortigurn proved an unruly and dishonorable combatant. This offended the fair minded Ernest Day who championed Valtteri in the joust, and won the island for his patron. -Galen seems to be on good terms with Sandralane of Glantri, a woman openly suspicious of ambitious mages
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