Tag: Nobility


  • Lady Wyste

    The pale hair and fair skinned eladrin is said to be an ancient witch. She freed Norwold of the threat of an illegally established bastion of the Thiressian Empire. It is rumored that she did so single handedly, losing no more than ten of her men when she …

  • Alak Dool

    Current Title: Arl A wealthy and arrogant wizard who lived in several countries, amassing his fortune. Heraldry is a black staff with a vulture-head ornamentation on a violet field. The turkey-vulture is both his sigil and familiar.

  • Ernest Day

    The consummate, “goody-two-shoes” Ser Ernest is a lauded knight who has been elevated in title. He goes far out of his way to help others. Heraldry is a white shield crossed by sword and hammer over a black field

  • Rutger Dag

    A settled adventurer, Dag cares about the finer things in life, drinking, eating, and wenching. Heraldry is alternating ale mug, beholder silhouette. Colors are brown and orange.

  • Sandralane of Glantri

    Fed up with the (at best) disregard and (at worst) disrespect shown to priests in the mageocracy of Glantri, Sandra seeks to create her perfect “mission” community. She has controversial ideas about “registering” mages and criminalizing those who refuse …

  • Maxwell Dhurn I

    An ambitious and cautious warrior, Maxwell is interested in founding a strong family line. Heraldry is a four panel shield with a lion, stag, sword, and key. Colors are red and white.

  • Eliza Patrician

    A fierce elven huntress and adventurer, her wanderlust has sent her to the Norwold, where bravery earned her a title. Heraldry is a white clipper ship on green field -Has signed an agreement with Albert (overseen by King Ericall) to a fair-deal …

  • Longtooth

    This Halfling boasts an extensive network of contacts and always seems to know a secret fact or have some marvelously rare item on hand. Though suspicious, he is gregarious and welcoming. Heraldry is a white wolf on a blue field

  • Holden Vortigurn

    Well organized on and off the battlefield, Vortigurn is a hard hitting politician who likes to keep things simple, and will eagerly speak for those who agree with him. Heraldry is a black ram on a yellow field -Has screamed an oath of vengenece against …

  • Moira Val'danel

    This half-elf aristocrat is said to be a policy genius; able to read the needs of her people and principality and enact laws to make it prosper. She is, however, useless with a weapon and timid in person; fitting for her slight stature and wide eyes. …

  • King Ericall

    The eldest son of Eriadna, a High Councillor of the so-called "Second Empire," Ericall was granted his thrown after his mother acquired the Norwold in a peace agreement after a long conflict with the neighboring Thiressian Empire. Not yet thirty, he has …

  • Valtteri Barsavi

    Heraldry: A crimson phoenix on a field of blue. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/56271/phoenix.jpeg(Phoenix)!