Court Officials

Seneschal: The most important person in your court, he is your second in command. The Seneschal sees to the day-to-day administration of your domain and serves as your chief advisor.

Castellan: Manages the maintenance of the stronghold and construction and operation of siege equipment. [Required to build and use siege equipment]

Chaplain: An ordained priest that maintains your dominion’s shrines and churches as well as offering some rituals [Boosts your domain’s confidence permanently by 30 and can cast Your level -3 rituals for no additional cost to you]

Court Engineer: Handles the building of roads and construction of castles or other major buildings. [Required to upgrade or repair your keep.]

Magistrate: A high judge who can dispense justice to the various villages and steads in your dominion. [Boosts your dominion’s confidence level permanently by 30. Required to control more than 2 Arlings]

Herald: More than simply the man who announces your guests, he is a courtier versed in biographical knowledge of the nobility, the study of heraldry, and the history of the realm. In addition, he serves as your standard bearer in battle. [Grants you a bonus to Diplomacy and History related tasks. Provides bonuses during mass battles]

Master-At-Arms: Trains your soldiers and maintains your armory. [Required to train new soldiers.]

Court Alchemist/Enchanter: This professional crafter of potions and lesser magical items serves both the community and his lord. [Boosts your dominion’s confidence level permanently by 20, can produce 2 consumables of Your Level-2 per week for no cost to you]

Shipwright: This master shipbuilder can construct both the needed facilities and assemble and design strong sailing and trading vessels [Required to build ships]

Foreign Affairs Minister (Spymaster): It is the task of this court attendant to know what his lord needs to know, and what his lord’s enemies wish to remain concealed [Required to hire and maintain spies]

Court Officials

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